Fees & Payments

Registration Cost

Flag Football | $100

Tackle Football | $225

Cheerleading | $225

There will be a additional cheer equipment charge uniforms/jersey, sneakers etc.

Out of town registration will be the same as regular registration for cheer only!

Volunteer Check

$100.00 post dated check for 12/1/2022.


For a player to take the field there needs to be a post-dated check. These checks are there to ensure that participants and their families fulfill their volunteer obligations. If volunteer events are not fulfilled by the end of the season, the post-dated check will not be returned and will be cashed. This will cover the hours for volunteering expected. If events are fulfilled, check will be shredded unless a request in writing is given at the time of registration. Milford Jr Spartans is a volunteer organization and without the support by everyone, the program cannot run successfully. Please help us make this year successful for all athletes and their families.

Uniform & Equipment Check

Flag Football| $75.00

Cheerleading| $200.00

Tackle Football| $200.00 **This is a post dated check for 12/1/2022**

A $200 deposit check for Football and Cheer and $75 for Flag Football and Mascots is required to receive your uniform and accessories. This check WILL NOT be cashed UNLESS uniforms are not returned by December 1, 2022. (Provided your team is not still in playoffs or competition). After this date, your check will be cashed to purchase the items that were not returned. We regret having to do this, but if we want to keep the costs of registration down for future years, we MUST have all uniforms returned. Once uniform is returned, check will be shredded unless a request in writing is given at the time of registration.

Online Payment Accepted. Please click icon to be directed to payment.

A processing fee will be charged for online payments.

Mail all Deposit Checks to:

Milford Jr Spartans

P.O. Box 593

Milford, NH 03055

GSFL Football Registration