Coaches Paperwork

Coaches Paperwork


1.Human Kinetics/Coaching Youth Football the AYF Way Certified-

2. NAYS Bulling Prevention -

3. NHYFSC Coaches Clinic

4. MJS Application

5. Head Coaches Only - 1st Aid & CPR

6. CDC Heads Up - This is for Student Demonstrators and Coaches Trainees

Cheer Only All Coaches

Human Kinetics/Coaching Youth Cheerleading the AYC Way, (formerly known as ASEP) Certification cost $24.95 or Re-certification - cost $15.95. Completion of the introductory course Coaching Youth Cheerleading the AYC Way 2E is required before taking the AYC Recertification Course: Safety and Health 5E. Once course complete, print certificate, and place a copy in the team book. These courses include the CDC Heads Up Concussion course.

Football All Coaches

MUST be Human Kinetics/Coaching Youth Football the AYF Way Certified (Formerly known as ASEP). For the 2019 season, new and returning coaches will take the same course, Coaching Youth Football: The AYF Way 3E. Course includes $2 Million Liability insurance coverage. The course can be found at Cost - $24.95. Once course is complete, print the certificate and place a copy in the team book. This course includes the CDC Heads Up Concussion course.

Football & Cheer Teams

1st Aid & CPR - minimum of 1 coach per team must hold a current 1st Aid & CPR card. To be provided by local association. Copy of valid/current card to be placed in team book.

In order to be consistent and provide the same coverage for all teams, the NHYFSC has modified/increased the requirement that 1 coach per team must hold a current 1st Aid & CPR card. This is for both football and cheer/dance teams.

The card holder must be either the head or assistant coach, not the team parent, equipment manager, etc.

All Coaches & Roster Personnel

~Background Screening through NCSI - $25.00 - all individuals 18 and over. Log in/registration information provided by local association.

~NHYFSC Clinic - Free - To be rostered for the team each member of the coaching staff and administrator must complete the NHYFSC Clinic. Click on the Clinic tab at the top of this site. Password to be obtained from your local association, read the material. Once you have read all the information click on Register Online in the left links. Select your association from the drop-down, select your association's Coaches Registration section, click on Begin Registration.

~NAYS Bulling Prevention Training - Free, link included in the NHYFSC Clinic. Print copy of certificate and place in team book. (When you begin the course, there are 2 links for the course, 1 without certificate and 1 with certificate. Make sure to click on the 1 with certificate)

Background Check for all AYF Coaches