Players/cheerleaders are expected to be at every practice and game throughout the preseason, as well as the regular season. If an athlete is injured but is able to attend they should do so in order to keep up with any new information or changes made by the coaching staff. This will enable them to be prepared to rejoin their team once they are cleared to participate by their physician.

Every player/cheerleader should be in full uniform and ready to begin practice at the perceived time. Any player who misses more than one practice during the week will be ineligible to play in that weekend’s game. Parents should make the head coach aware of any planned absences that will occur during the season. If a player is to be significantly late to practice, a parent should contact the head coach to notify them of this. Any situation where a player is consistently and or habitually late or absent will be handled at the team level by the head coach and may result in disciplinary action. Any player/cheerleader who misses the practice the day before a competition or playoff game will automatically be ineligible to participate in the competition/game.

At the discretion of the board, an athlete may be removed from a roster for repeated absences.